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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Catastrophic Plan?

How does MAGI affect eligibility for the Medicaid program?

Do employers need a minimum level of participation in order to offer health coverage for employees in DC Health Link?

If I receive scholarships for school, do I need to include my scholarships in my income when filling out the application for health coverage for myself and my family?

If I am self-employed, what expenses can I subtract from my gross income to get my net self-employment income?

Under the ACA, who must use MAGI rules for determining eligibility for Medicaid?

Why would I want to provide my employees health insurance through DC Health Link?

What are "full-time equivalent (FTE)" employees?

Will the District's Medically Needy Program still exist?

If I am an employer headquartered in the District of Columbia with one or more locations in other states as well, how should I offer coverage to my employees?

What are cost-sharing reductions?

Will small businesses be billed by the insurance companies or by DC Health Link?

Does the online application have to be completed all at once?

Can my company still have waiting periods before health coverage takes effect?

Who can use DC Health Link?

Can small employers offer dental plans in addition to medical plans through DC Health Link?

Why does the DC Health Link application for assistance ask for information about other health coverage we have access to?

Are Alliance beneficiaries eligible for private plans through DC Health Link? Can they get premium tax credits and cost sharing reductions?