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Broker Registration Guide

This guide is for Brokers that hold a DC resident or non-resident health insurance producer license that is active and in good standing and who wish to become a Broker registered to sell on DC Health Link. This guide will discuss what the requirements are, how to complete the requirements and how to complete a DC Health Link Broker application.

Broker Recertification Guide

This guide is for Brokers who are currently registered with DC Health Link. DC Health Link registered Brokers are approved for two years at time. When a Broker reaches the two year mark, they must complete recertification training and confirm carrier appointments are current to remain active with DC Health Link. Brokers who registered with DC Health Link in 2013 and 2014 had their certification extended through October 2016.

Broker News on HBX

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Creating a Broker or General Agency Staff Account

This guide walks users through how to request and approve Broker staff accounts that allow Brokers’ team members to view and manage their DC Health Link clients.

Broker Quoting Tool

This guide shows Broker staff and General Agencies how to create quotes for existing and prospective clients.

Completing Broker and General Agency Training on DC Health Link

This guide shows you how to set up an account and enroll in courses through the online learning and training platform.

Broker Escalations Guide

This guide shows Brokers how to submit cases to DC Health Link using our online contact form.

DC Health Link SmallBiz Mobile App

With this client management app, brokers will conveniently see which clients have renewal deadlines approaching and in open enrollment