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Individuals and Families: Open enrollment is over, but you still may qualify to enroll now. See if you qualify for special enrollment or apply for Medicaid anytime.

Individual and Family Health Insurance

Learn how DC Health Link helped

John S.
Cyber Security Consultant

DC Health Link has made my life significantly easier.

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Myles H.
Graduate Student

I now have great coverage at a great price.

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Alka P.
Education Consultant

I found a plan with better coverage than I had before.

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Wordna W.
Nonprofit Advisor

I was able to get signed up within a day.

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Victoria L.
Owner, Ice Cream Jubilee

DC Health Link made enrolling in quality health care coverage convenient and affordable for me.

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Kellan B.

Getting coverage through DC Health Link has been a life-changing event for me.

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Jason M.
Bicycle Enthusiast

Getting covered gave me peace of mind and allowed me to take responsibility for myself.

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Alex R.
School Entrepreneur

Making the switch to self-employment was less scary once I knew I could get great coverage through DC Health Link.

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Katie K.
Health Care Consultant

As happy as I am now with my decision, I don’t think I would have made it without DC Health Link, which took the uncertainty out of my choice.

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Debbie A.
Entrepreneurial Consultant

DC Health Link took care of everything, making it incredibly easy for me to sign up and get everything taken care of.

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Anna B.
Program Associate

Having coverage through DC Health Link helps me to focus on all the REST of the very exciting things in my life. Thank you DC Health Link!

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