Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I am self-employed, what expenses can I subtract from my gross income to get my net self-employment income?

If you have self-employment income, the DC Health Link application asks for your net self-employment income. You can subtract the costs below from your gross income to get an amount for your net self-employment income. These are the same as the costs you can subtract when you file taxes.

* Car and truck expenses (for travel during the workday, not commuting)
* Depreciation
* Employee wages and fringe benefits
* Property, liability, or business interruption insurance
* Interest (including mortgage interest paid to banks, etc.)
* Legal and professional services
* Rent or lease of business property and utilities
* Commissions, taxes, licenses and fees
* Advertising
* Contract labor
* Repairs and maintenance
* Certain business travel and meals

For more information, see "Instructions for Schedule C" at