Submit Documents

There are two types of documents you can use to prove citizenship status. We call the two types "primary" and "secondary".

  • If you provide primary documentation, no other documents are needed.
  • If you provide secondary documentation, other identification (ID) is required for verification. Secondary documentation must include a copy of an identification card that has a recent photo and other identifying information.

Primary documentation:

(Only one is needed)

  • US passport (expired passports are acceptable)
  • Certificate of naturalization
  • Certificate of citizenship
  • Consular report of birth abroad of US citizen
  • A valid driver’s license from a state that requires proof of citizenship and verification of social security number prior to issuance of the license
  • A Tribal document issued by a federally recognized Tribe - for example, a Tribal enrollment card, certificate of degree of American Indian blood, or a Tribal census document, which must:
    • Identify the Tribe issuing the document;
    • Identify the individual by name; and
    • Confirm the individual’s enrollment in, or affiliation with the Tribe.

Secondary documentation:

(Must present one of the following, along with ID)

  • A US birth certificate showing birth in one of the 50 states, DC, Guam, American Samoa, Swain’s Island, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. If born in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands prior to the time these areas became part of the US, the individual will satisfy the citizenship requirement if he or she is a collectively naturalized citizen.
  • A Northern Mariana ID card, issued to a collectively naturalized citizen, who was born in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands before November 4, 1986
  • A certification of report of birth, issued to US citizens born outside the US
  • A report of birth abroad of a US citizen
  • A birth certificate
  • A US citizen ID card
  • A final adoption decree showing the child’s name and US place of birth, or if an adoption is not final, a statement from a state approved adoption agency that shows the child’s name and US place of birth
  • Evidence of US civil service employment before June 1, 1976
  • US military record showing a US place of birth
  • Documentation that a child meets the requirements of §101 of the Child Citizenship Act
  • Medical records that indicate a US place of birth
  • Life, health, or other insurance record that indicates a US place of birth
  • Official religious record recorded in the US showing that the birth occurred in the US
  • School records showing a US place of birth
  • Federal or state census record showing US citizenship or a US place of birth

There are 3 ways for you to submit the documents we need to make a final decision on your eligibility:


Login to your account at You can upload scanned copies of the documents directly to your account.

By US Mail

Department of Human Services
Economic Security Administration
Case Record Management Unit
P.O. Box 91560
Washington, DC 20090

All other applications
DC Health Link
Exchange Contact Center
1225 Eye St NW
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20005

Be sure to write your DC Health Link ID on each of the documents.

In Person

Bring the document(s) to any Economic Security Administration Office for help. Find a location near you.

Which documents do I need to submit?

We need documents for each person listed in the notice you received. Please scan or make a copy of the document you send to us. Do not give us the original.

Still have questions?

Call DC Health Link at (855) 532-5465.