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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I'm signing up for a private health plan during open enrollment and want my coverage to start on January 1st. What's the deadline for selecting a plan and making my first premium payment?

If you sign up for a health plan through DC Health Link's Individual & Family marketplace during open enrollment, and want your coverage to begin on January 1st, you'll have until midnight, December 15th to select a plan and submit your enrollment. You'll receive a premium invoice from the insurance company, and pay the insurance company directly for your coverage.

Coverage Start Date Select a Plan by
January 1st December 15th
February 1st January 15th
March 1st January 31st

Remember, you must make your premium payment by the due date indicated on the invoice. You won't be covered or receive an insurance card until you pay. If you pay after the coverage start date, but before the invoice due date, your coverage will be in effect as of the coverage start date.