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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can someone else complete the DC Health Link application for me?

Yes. Parents or guardians can always complete an application for a child. Additionally, spouses are permitted to apply on behalf of each other.

In other situations, an adult can choose an authorized representative to act on their behalf. You can allow your authorized representative to perform some or all the following responsibilities:

  • File an application for you or prove to us that you are still eligible for health insurance;

  • Represent you in an interview;

  • Receive copies of notices and other communications from the agency;

  • Explain your Rights and Responsibilities to you;

  • Provide the agency with information, documents, and/or proof of information;

  • Represent you in a local or federal hearing related to your health coverage.

You are responsible for any information your authorized representative gives to DC Health Link, even if the authorized representative gives us the wrong information. However, you have the right to change your mind about your authorized representative at any time. To make someone your authorized representative, you will either need to go with that person to an ESA service center, or have that person go to an ESA service center with proof of your permission for the person to be your authorized representative. Documentation of power of attorney or a completed Authorized Representative form are acceptable forms of proof.

A customer can also ask a trained expert, including an Assister or health insurance broker, to fill out the application for the individual or family. DC Health Link Customer Service Center representatives will also fill out applications based on the information provided by customers over the phone.