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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I tried completing an application and get a screen telling me to call an Administrator and another phone number for the Economic Security Administration (ESA). What should I do?

DC Health Link has protections in place to prevent someone else from impersonating you. Therefore, to file an application online or over the phone, you must pass an Identity Verification process that is required in all insurance exchange marketplaces across the nation. The identity data used in this check includes personal questions that come from credit reports and other data sources. These questions are designed so that only you would know the answers. The Identity Verification process does not affect your credit score or impact your credit rating. If you get the message to contact an Administrator with a reference number, then there is a difference between the known data sources and what you entered. This does not mean you are ineligible for coverage.

Use the navigation buttons (i.e., Back/Next buttons and page links on the left) to go back through the application to make sure that the information you entered (e.g., name, social security number and date of birth) is correct. Follow tips below to check that your information was entered in accepted formats.

If you're sure you entered your information correctly, call the Administrator and provide the reference number. You will be asked questions to confirm your identity and to resolve discrepancies. If there is no reference number provided, you must use the in-person application process as described below.

Once your identity has been verified, you will be able to resume your application by restarting your browser, logging in, and clicking on "Resume application..." on your "My Account" main page.

If your identity cannot be verified over the phone, you will need to complete the application in-person at the nearest Economic Security Administration (ESA) service center. Below is a list of documents that you can bring to proof your identify. You should bring at least two of the following documents and at least one must be a photo identification. Photocopies are acceptable.

* Driver's license;
* D.C. issued non-drivers I.D.;
* School I.D.;
* Documents which indicate a client's receipt of benefits under another program which requires verification of identity, such as SSI or SSDI;
* Birth certificate;
* Social Security card;
* Pay-stubs;
* Voter registration card;
* Employee identification card;
* Library card;
* Passport;
* I.D. issued by the Public Housing Authority;
* I.D. card, issued from previous eligibility, including a copy of the photo I.D. card in the applicant's previous case record; and
* Contact with a third party agreeable to the SSR and applicant who can identify the client.

Be sure to have the required information for your application on hand during your ESA service center visit.

Tips for Entering Application Information

* Make sure there are no special characters (e.g., ",", "#", or ".").
* Make sure first and surname are spelled correctly and entered exactly as they appear on immigration documents, if applicable.
* Do not include suffixes such as Jr., Sr., III, etc.
* Do not add periods (e.g., "Rachel St. John" should be entered as "Rachel St John").

* Be sure to enter an address in the application. The Address field is mandatory for all applications.
* If Address Line 2 is used, it must be a minimum of 3 characters. Or enter the apt., unit number, etc. in Line 1.
* When entering a District address, be sure to type "Washington" in the City field and select District of Columbia in the State drop-down menu.
* Do not enter special characters (e.g., ",", "#", or ".") in the Address field.


Incorrectly entered address Correctly entered address