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One Touch Enrollment Centers Return During the Health Insurance Special Enrollment Period

Friday, April 4, 2014
Saturday April 5 and April 12 consumers get one-stop-shop enrollment assistance.


During the special enrollment period, DC Health Link will continue to enroll eligible individuals and families in health insurance plans through April 30, 2014. DC Health Link will re-open its Carlos Rosario One Touch health insurance enrollment center tomorrow Saturday, April 5 and again on Saturday, April 12 to enroll consumers during the special enrollment period.

Individuals and families who started the application process before the March 31st deadline, or those who need in-person or telephone assistance to complete the application process qualify for the special enrollment period.

The DC Health Link “One Touch Enrollment Centers” will offer in-person help with health insurance plan selection, identity proofing, and Medicaid determinations. In-person assisters and licensed health insurance brokers will be available at each location to answer questions and assist with the enrollment process.


Saturday, April 5 and Saturday April 12
Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School

9:00 am – 12:00 pm
1100 Harvard Street, NW (Ward 1)

For a complete list of Special Enrollment locations, select here.


The new health law provides individuals, families, and small businesses in the District of Columbia with new options for quality, affordable health insurance. DC Health Link is the District’s online health insurance marketplace that allows visitors to shop, compare, and buy coverage that fits their needs and budgets.

Residents who need in-person or telephone help will now have through April 30th to enroll.  People with an online account with DC Health Link who have not yet selected a health plan also will have through April 30th to enroll in a private health plan. When enrolling through after March 31st, consumers will be asked to attest that they sought either in-person help or telephone help or that they started the process of enrollment but could not finish.

The March 31st deadline does NOT apply to small businesses, individuals and families losing other coverage or those eligible for Medicaid.  A complete list of circumstances that allow a person to enroll after open enrollment can be found here.