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What District Residents are Saying About Getting Covered Through DC Health Link.
  • John Secondari
    Cyber Security Consultant
  • Myles Hungerford
    Graduate Student
  • Alka Pateriya
    Education Consultant
  • Wordna Warren
    Nonprofit Advisor
DC Health Link has made my life significantly easier. In 2013, I was paying high premiums to get health insurance through COBRA. After DC Health Link launched, I got in touch with a health insurance broker, who got me signed up for coverage quickly. The coverage I have now is great and I have outstanding doctors. I save $250 every month, and I have a lower deductible than I did through my former employer’s plan. The monthly savings I receive gives my wife and me more flexibility. We can use that money to pay for other expenses or put some of it away in savings. Every little bit helps.
John Secondari
Cyber Security Consultant
When I returned from living abroad, my insurance company refused to cover a pre-existing condition that I had lived with for years. Even though I had lived in a country with national health insurance and I had always been covered in the U.S. before that, I was told that this coverage didn't count and would need to do an 18-month waiting period before they would cover my condition. As a result, I had to pay a lot of money out-of-pocket to cover my prescriptions. All of that has changed since I signed up for health insurance through DC Health Link. I now have great coverage at a great price. My new doctor is a leading specialist in his field, and I couldn’t be happier with the care I’m receiving. Getting the coverage I have has made a night and day difference in my life. Thanks to DC Health Link for an absolutely great job!
Myles Hungerford
Graduate Student
For years, I had wanted to take the leap in my career and become an educational consultant and be my own boss. However, as a single woman, I would have to give up my health benefits because I just didn’t have the option of going on a spouse’s health plan. When DC Health Link opened, I went on their website and researched plans. I found a plan with better coverage than I had before, and I would pay less out-of-pocket and spend less time at the doctor’s office. Because I was able to get affordable health coverage through DC Health Link, I had the flexibility to leave my job and pursue my career goals on the terms I want. DC Health Link has made a big difference in my life because I now have the independence to do what I love doing.
Alka Pateriya
Education Consultant
In 2014, I was facing the prospect of working without health insurance. It was an anxious feeling to say the least. I had heard a lot about DC Health Link so during the first Open Enrollment a friend and I decided to go to a #GetCovered event at Howard University Hospital. The assister at the event walked us through the enrollment process so that it was way less daunting. Within a week I was able to select a plan and enroll. Getting covered gave me peace of mind and allowed me to take responsibility for myself. I tell all my friends in a similar situation, get signed up and use your coverage to stay healthy. It’s good citizenship.
Jason Marquard
Avid Cyclist
Living on a budget, I thought health insurance was an expense I could do without. For almost 2 years, I went without coverage and would pray that nothing major happened. Getting covered on my own seemed like a daunting task. However, once DC Health Link came along, I knew I had to take ownership of my health and get covered. I called the contact center, they referred me to two insurance brokers, and I was able to get signed up within a day. The next month I had my first doctor’s appointment and it felt great to hear directly from my doctor that I was healthy.
Wordna Warren
Nonprofit Advisor